Tips for explorers

Safety First

Abandoned buildings and bridges can be extremely dangerous. Most structures are abandoned for a reason. Many are no longer structurally stable and can be at risk of collapse. Always pay attention to the condition of the structure. Nobody else is to blame if you get hurt. Always be aware of your surroundings. You never know what or who you may find. We do not recommend that you explore by yourself, safety in numbers. 

Private Property

Most properties are owned by someone. Always look for and respect private property signs, markings, etc. DO NOT trespass on someones property without permission. Many days have ended early when the place we wanted to visit was marked no trespassing but there is no reason to go to jail just for a few pictures. 

Cary What You Need

Items we always have on us when exploring

- Cameras (photo & video)

- Water bottles (bring more then you think you need)

- First aid kit

- Spare batteries

Finding Places To Explore

Many of the places we explore are found by just driving around looking. Others we find with a lot of research. Looking around google maps on satellite view will help you find any interesting things. Follow the train tracks on the map, many times they can lead to interesting things.

Document Your Adventures

Don't forget to take lots of photos and videos. On an average day we could take hundreds of photos. Photos are free and you can delete the ones that you don't like but you never have the photo that you didn't take. Also remember to GeoTag your photos. That way you know where every one was taken.

Have Fun

Just get out there and have fun exploring. Some days will be a bust but others will be filled with interesting things. Exploring together with friends can make for so amazing lasting memories!