About Us

We are both first responders which is what first brought us together in 2019. We quickly found that we both had an interest in abandoned places and began going on adventures and exploring places together. Our adventures have always been our favorite thing to do. Even if we have no end destination in mind sometimes we just pick a direction and go for a drive. We both love to take photos and on an average day of exploring we can take several hundred photos. What you see on this site is only a small sample of our photo collection. Documenting these places before they disappear forever is an important thing for us. Once a building is gone, it is gone forever except for photos, videos, and memories. 


There are so many places out there to explore, some even hidden in plain sight. All you need to do is get out and explore, you never know what you might find

Our Posts

We don't write much in each post, just a quick description of what it is. We will post lots of photos and maybe even some videos. Almost all of our photos are unedited other then adding our watermark. 

Our Equipment

Currently all of our photos are taken using a Canon 90D, iPhone 12 Max, and Samsung Galaxy S7.