This website is still under construction. Recent adventures are up to date. We are still adding post for places we have visited in the past.

Please leave us a comment with what you think of the new site and any suggestions as we build our site.

Recent Adventures

We don't write much in each post but there will be lots of photos!

Sells Mill

Sells Mill Park in Jackson County, GA. The old mill building appears to now be available as an event space.

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Abandoned House

This beautiful old house has clearly been abandoned for a long time but is still good enough that it could be saved and made livable. We think it is a shame that so many of these amazing historic homes just sit abandoned and left to slowly rot away. But it also shows how well built this home is. A modern home if left abandoned would fall apart vey quickly and never last as long as this old house has. 

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Fire Tower

US Forest Service fire tower on Parsons Mountain in the Sumter National Forest. The tower still appears to be in use as the wood stairs were recently replaced.

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